How to Remove a Car from An Auto Policy

There comes a time in every car insurance policy holder’s life when you want to remove a car from your policy. There are ways that this can be done that are simple if you just know where to start. If you are having trouble with the process and live in the Jacksonville, FL area, the agents with Connect America Insurance Agency can help.

The first step is that you have to show that the car is not going to be on your policy any longer. You may need to prove that the car is either no longer being driven at all or at the very least, not being driven by you. In some cases, it may be necessary that you prove the car is no longer being licensed so there is no chance it is going to be driven.

The next step is to identify which car is being removed. You want to make sure you have the correct vin number and the correct information so that the car you want removed, is the one that is taken off the policy. With the help of an agent the process should only take a few moments. You can remove cars from auto policies yourself but this may cause a bit of trouble as you do need to know what you are doing.

If you are selling the car you may need proof of a transfer of title. For those that are transferring a car to another policy, if you still owe money on the car you will need to send the new proof of insurance to your lender and to anyone that may have a vested interest in the car. If you live in the Jacksonville, FL area, the agents with Connect America Insurance Agency can help you.

Vehicle Prep: Key to a Safe Road Trip

The success of your vacation family road trip lies in putting the safety of your family first. Preparing your vehicle in advance can help you have a safe and positive road trip experience. Vehicle prep can entail the following:  

Vehicle Inspection

Have your car inspected by a certified mechanic to make sure all systems are working properly before taking off on the road. If your car needs a tune-up, oil change, new brake pads or other essential repairs, get them done in advance of your travels. Before going anywhere, get a clear “thumbs up” from your mechanic to show your vehicle is road ready.     

Safety Features

If you’re traveling with young children, check your kids’ car seats to ensure they’re installed properly and functioning as they should. Safe car seats and working seat belts are a must when traveling with children. Additional safety features such as airbags and child safety locks will further protect your kids on the road.      

Insurance Coverage

Review your auto insurance coverage from Connect America Insurance Agency to make sure it’s up to date. Keep in mind that roadside assist coverage could come in handy for unexpected breakdowns during your travels. Whether you’re staying around Jacksonville, FL or driving out of state, you can travel worry free knowing you have adequate car insurance coverage.

Emergency Kit

Pack an emergency travel kit to help with crisis situations that may arise on the road. Your kit should contain such essentials as water, jumper cables, flashlight, flares, car tools to make simple repairs and first aid kit. Make sure you also have a working cell phone with a charger to stay connected with loved ones during your travels.

In the event of an accident, contact your Connect America Insurance Agency rep in Jacksonville, FL to help with any insurance needs.      

So…Should You Let the Babysitter Drive Your Car?

Busy parents need help.  Their "to do list" is always a few pages long and getting out of the house – alone – can be challenging. That’s where the babysitter up the road comes in handy.  She’s reliable, the kids love her, and she cleans up after herself!  She’s been such a help that you’re thinking about adding more responsibility to her job. She can do the food shopping, run errands, or just get the kids out of the house for a few hours.  But she’ll need to use your car.  Sound like a good idea? Before your hand over the keys to your car, there are a couple of things to consider.  

Get More Information

Before you loan out your car to the babysitter, you’ll need to get more information.  Since it is your car, in your name, you hold liability.  No matter who gets behind the wheel of your car, your insurance policy is the primary coverage. That means you must be certain the babysitter is covered before she drives your car in Jacksonville, FL.  

Review Your Auto Policy

Take a few minutes to read over your auto policy, paying particular attention to exclusions or restrictions.  The babysitter would be considered a "permissive driver" in most instances, so look for any information on whether permissive drivers are covered.  If you’re still not sure, call your insurance agent, and they will be happy to assist you.  However, if you plan on lending her the car regularly, you may want to talk with your insurance agency about adding her as a listed driver.  

At Connect America Insurance Agency serving Jacksonville, FL, we can help you find the right auto insurance policy for your vehicle, and we would always are happy to answer all your questions about extending coverage.  Feel free to call Connect America Insurance Agency today to speak with a friendly agent.  





Am I Allowed to Have Auto Insurance While My License Is Suspended?

There’s not a straightforward yes or no answer to the question of whether you’re allowed to keep your auto insurance while you have a suspended license. The answer depends on where you live and your insurance provider. Connect America Insurance Agency serves the Jacksonville, FL area, and can provide you with specific information regarding your situation, as everyone’s circumstances are different. However, it’s possible to get a general idea of what’s likely to happen to your insurance coverage if your license is suspended.

If your license is suspended while you still have an active insurance policy, you’re not likely to lose your insurance. Certain states, however, allow midterm cancellation when your license is revoked or suspended. Although, in most states, your coverage remains in place for as long as you signed up for, and if you try to renew your policy while your license is still suspended, you may run into some trouble. If you’re a brand-new customer, your insurance company will probably conduct a background check at some point at the beginning of your policy, and if the company notices that your license is suspended, your policy may be canceled because you’ll be deemed a high-risk customer.

Even though you may still have coverage while your license is suspended, it’s very important to avoid driving until your license is reinstated. If you get pulled over with a suspended license, you’ll face a heavy fine, possible jail time, and your insurance provider will almost certainly drop you. You may be wondering why it would be desired to keep your coverage if you’re not going to drive. If there are other drivers in your house, it’s very important to keep your insurance coverage, as you don’t want the other drivers in your household to be at risk while driving your car because your coverage lapsed. Maintaining auto insurance while your license is suspended is a complicated topic, and if you live around the Jacksonville, FL area, you may be interested in contacting Connect America Insurance Agency for more in-depth, personalized information.

How humidity can affect your car in Jacksonville

In Jacksonville, FL, the temperature just seems to cling to you, right? The moisture in the air means that a hot day feels incredibly hot, and a colder day feels freezing. When the icy moisture particles cling to your skin, fifty five degrees can feel like fifty five below zero. Your car experiences the same sort of thing. The heat isn’t very good for your car, and the humidity only makes it worse.

Here are a few ways to protect your car from the extreme heat and humidity of Jacksonville, FL:

  • Keep your car battery clean. All that crust that builds up on top is corrosive, and owes in part to the heat and humidity. Make sure to detach the cables and clean it with the proper tools.
  • Park in the shade. The sunlight can do a lot of damage even on colder days.
  • Make sure your tires have the right pressure. The heat can cause the air in the tires to expand, leading to a blowout or, at the least, cracked rubber.
  • Change your oil whenever your owner’s manual tells you you should. The excessive heat of Jacksonville does a number on your oil.
  • Flush your antifreeze now and then. The heat can cause it to become highly acidic and do a lot of harm to your system.

Connect America Insurance Agency can help you to connect with a great policy to keep your car covered, but making a claim through Connect America Insurance Agency is the pound of cure people talk about. Proper maintenance is the ounce of prevention. Take care of your car and it will take care of you.

It’s a New Year – Time to Review Your Auto Insurance Coverage

Reviewing your car insurance annually ensures your coverage is up to date with your current needs. If you’ve experienced any of the following changes in the past year, it’s time to update your auto insurance coverage with Connect America Insurance Agency in Jacksonville, FL, to receive the protection you need.

Addition or Removal of Drivers

If you’ve added or removed a driver in the last year, you’ll need to update your policy to reflect this change in drivers. If your teen started driving, you may need to raise your limits. If you removed a spouse due to a death in the family or divorce, you could reduce your limits to save on insurance costs.

Change in Vehicles Covered

A change of vehicles over the course of last year may require a policy update to ensure you have sufficient coverage. The purchase of a new vehicle could warrant an increase in coverage. In contrast, an older vehicle may no longer require certain types of coverage due to its age. If that’s the case, you may want to downgrade your insurance coverage to reduce your premium.

Types of Coverage

You can personalize your vehicle insurance to meet your specific needs. If you drive more due to moving to a new home or a change in jobs, you’ll be at greater risk of an accident. As such, you may want to increase your coverage to protect your assets. If you’ve added an expensive vehicle to the household, you’d do well to get comprehensive and collision coverage to protect this new investment. Once your teen starts to drive, you may want to add roadside assist to your policy for protection in emergency situations.

Personalizing your auto insurance coverage with Connect America Insurance Agency, Jacksonville, FL, enables you to get just the coverage you need at a price well within your financial means.


Do You Have Enough Auto Insurance?

Auto insurance is something that every driver is required to have even if they have a car that is only worth $500. This is the law in order to protect those that are driving on the road with you in the event of an accident. The amount of coverage each driver needs may vary from place to place, for instance someone in Jacksonville, FL is going to need more insurance than someone in another area for various reasons.

Taking a few factors into consideration, like how much your car is worth, how much coverage your state requires, if you need to insure the contents of your vehicle because your area is prone to auto break ins and more can all affect how much coverage you need. Talking with an agent can help but there are some basics that can help you decide if you need extra coverage or if your current coverage is enough.

If you live in an area where car break ins are rare and where there are less people so less likelihood that you are going to be in an accident, you are not going to need as much coverage as someone that commutes every day in a highly populated city. Likewise, if you have a car that is worth $1000 you are not going to need the same amount of coverage as someone that has a car that is worth $10,000.

You can start by taking a look at what your auto policy actually covers. Does it cover liability for you, passengers, and the other drivers? If so, how much? Does your policy cover full replacement or just repair of your car? Does your policy cover the value of the contents of your car? These are all considerations that are going to drive up both the overall coverage of your policy and the overall cost as well. For those in Jacksonville, FL, talking with an agent at Connect America Insurance Agency can help you hammer out the details of how much coverage you need.  

4 Reasons You Need Auto Insurance in Florida

One of the top concerns for motorists of all kinds, acquiring a quality auto insurance policy is of the utmost importance. Are you a driver within Jacksonville, FL? The following is an overview of four reasons you need auto insurance in Florida.

Save Time

While this may not be the top reason many think of when referencing auto insurance, the fact of the matter is, acquiring a policy will save you time. In the unfortunate event of an accident, rather than being forced to wait until the police arrive, you can simply provide the person with your insurance information in exchange for theirs, and file the claim later. However, be sure to view a copy of their insurance card rather than taking their word for it.

It’s the Law

Most areas in America require motorists with permits or licenses to maintain insurance coverage while driving on the road. There are very few exceptions to this rule. Therefore, purchasing an auto insurance policy will prevent you from receiving financial and legal penalties while driving on the road.

Health Issue on the Road 

If you are injured in an accident on the road, your auto insurance may cover things that your insurance doesn’t. For those who are uninsured or simple under-insured, your auto insurance policy can help to ensure you can receive the necessary medical treatments following an accident.

Save Money

Lastly, accidents can be quite costly. However, by acquire a high-quality auto insurance policy, expenses caused by accidents will be covered by your insurance company rather than being paid out of pocket.

Overall, for those looking for insurance in Jacksonville, FL, Connect America Insurance Agency has exactly what you need. Never get caught without sufficient coverage. Let Connect America Insurance Agency ensure your insurance stays connected!

How to Prevent Hydroplaning

When driving on wet surfaces hydroplaning is a very real possibility. Hydroplaning happens when your car’s tires are no longer capable of making contact with the road due to standing water and surface tension. Here are some tips and tricks to prevent hydroplaning and to recover if your car does end up in a hydroplane.


  • Drive slowly!: hydroplaning is a phenomena that happens when your car is moving too quickly over a wet surface, this means that your tires do not have enough time to break the water’s surface and contact the road. By driving slowly you allow your tires to break through the water and maintain traction
  • Avoid puddles: As stated before, the likelihood of hydroplaning becomes increased while driving through standing water. So do your car and yourself a favor and avoid the puddles!
  • Tires: Make sure to replace your tires regularly as less tread means less traction.


  • Slow down: As soon as you feel your car begin to hydroplane immediately take your foot off the gas, break gently, as braking too hard will cause your tires to lock up and remain in thes hydroplane.
  • Counter steer: If your car begins to slide or “fishtail”. Turn your wheel in the direction that’s a car is sliding towards, though this may seem counterproductive, you are actually preventing your car from entering a spin.
  • Remain calm: The last thing you want to do when hydroplaning is panic. The average hydroplaning only lasts mere seconds and as long as you stay calm and break softly you have nothing to worry about.

From a light drizzle to monsoons and hurricanes, driving in wet weather, for many reasons can prove fatal. By following these tips you can prevent damage to your car, the people around you, and yourself. Drive safe! Also be sure you have a good agency such as Connect America Insurance Agency in the event that you do end up in a crash.

Automobile Insurance in Florida: Why Drivers Should go Beyond the Basic

Automobile insurance can be an all too complicated matter, especially for younger drivers. This is not exclusive to them however – even people who have been driving for years now may still have problems figuring it all out. We at Connect America Insurance Agency can attest to that, and as such have made a point of working to improve people’s understandings of insurance for drivers of all shapes and sizes, classes and creeds.

As many people are well aware of, automobile insurance is not something nice to have, it is something that you MUST have if you want to drive an automobile legally. It protects not only you from suffering an unfortunate fallout from an accident (either caused by you or someone else), but also ensures that anyone else involved in an accident can get the payout that they are entitled to if you are indeed the one responsible for the accident. However, there are a number of plans that go beyond just the basic, and it could save your life and financial status. Many Florida drivers are getting more elaborate plans than they used to, plans that ensure that work to strengthen their protections. Unfortunately, a lot of the ones who just have the basic plans simply do not know about them, or do not know how to get them. And that’s where Connect America Insurance Agency comes in – if you are ready to dive further into the automobile insurance well, we can help you figure out your insurance needs and determine the plan that suits them the best in just minutes.

If after all of what we have talked about in this article you still feel like you have questions or concerns about the nuances of automobile insurance, you can contact us at Connect America Insurance Agency. You can reach us either on our website or by phone at (904) 731-7922, and we will try and help you get through all of that pesky red tape.