Why Jacksonville, FL Homeowners Often Pay More On Home Insurance

If you live in Jacksonville, FL, it’s important to get affordable home insurance. Many people who live in this area pay more – and you need to know why. At Connect America Insurance Agency, we’re here to help you learn more about what goes into a policy and get quotes to help you compare.

High Crime Areas

There are a lot of high crime areas throughout Jacksonville. When the insurance companies ask you for your zip code, this is one of the things they are looking at. If you do live in a high crime area, there are ways for you to combat the cost of high insurance premiums. This includes:

  • Living in a gated community
  • Fencing in your property
  • Getting a security system

Various discounts might apply to you, too, which will allow you to overcome high crime areas.

Flood Zones

Jacksonville offers a lot of waterfront properties. This includes property along the St Johns River as well as the Atlantic Ocean. Because of all the water, it’s possible that you will be classified as being in a flood zone. FEMA updates the flood zones every few years. If you are within one, then it might cost you more on insurance premiums. It might also require you to obtain a separate flood insurance policy.

Cost of Living

Jacksonville is known for a higher cost of living than other parts of Florida. This might have a negative impact on your home insurance because it might cost more for home repairs. Insurance companies have to protect themselves and therefore might charge more.

Your goal is to have the financial protection in place without spending a fortune on premiums. Contact one of our agents at Connect America Insurance Agency today. We look forward to helping you find home insurance in Jacksonville, FL.