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Florida cyber liability insurance option

Cyber Liability in Florida

Worried about Hackers taking down your computer network or some rogue ex-employee breaking into your company computers in Jacksonville, Florida and releasing the PII (personally identifiable information) of your customers? While the corporate risk might not be the same as having all the credit card information being released from a Target or a Home Depot, the effect on a small business could be worse. There is an inherent level of trust involved when working with a small business. That’s where cyber liability insurance comes into play.

When a cyber attack happens, it is important not to overreact. You need to keep a calm head, notify the proper authorities, and work on a recovery plan. That’s where the insurance comes into play. You’re going to have some losses. The threat of a lawsuit from a data breach is one of the key reasons for getting such coverage. The insurance will help you address needs associated with financial losses connected to the breach. The risk here really depends on the value you place on the customer data. How much risk can you handle on your own, or do you need the coverage?

If you’re from around Jacksonville, FL, cyber liability costs vary considerably between the different insurance companies. Working with agents from Connect America will help you save money on your insurance plan and identify the level of coverage that is right for you. Stop by the offices to discuss the Jacksonville, FL cyber liability insurance that is right for you.