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Florida flood insurance coverge

Flood Insurance in Florida

Jacksonville, FL flood insurance can be expensive, especially if you are coastal. The closer to the water you are, the more your policy will likely be due to the higher risk of being affected by a flood. We have agents to assist you through the process and help to find the lowest cost premium.

When you live in Florida, it’s important to know about the various flood zones. Each year, there are hurricanes and tropical storms that threaten the state, though where it threatens can vary from storm to storm. These have been established by FEMA based upon prior year statistics. If you live in a flood zone, then you are required to have flood insurance in Florida in addition to the homeowner’s insurance that you have. This way, if your home is damaged by excessive amounts of water, the coverage is in place.

Some details that you will need to provide to the insurance agent, include:

  • Zip code
  • Home type
  • Safety and security features

All of these details will be used to determine whether you are in a flood zone or not and then obtain quotes on Jacksonville, FL flood insurance. Some homeowners are required to have the insurance. Other homeowners choose to have it as an optional coverage because when there is enough rain, homes and properties can still flood, even if there is no other source of water for miles.

You need to have sufficient protection on your home and for this reason, homeowner’s insurance may not be enough. Flood insurance may be required and there are ways to take action so you don’t have to spend more than necessary.

Call one of our agents today to find out the details and what policy can help protect your home the best.