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Florida workers compensation option

Workers Compensation in Florida

Jacksonville, Florida has a lot to offer, including jobs for people who are looking for work. There are various companies and organizations, including those in the health, education, and food sectors. There are plenty of career opportunities in the city. Once you get employed, it is important to know about your rights. Note that you need to have workers compensation when you work for a company in Florida.

Jacksonville, FL workers compensation is a type of insurance coverage that your employer should provide you with in order to protect you in case of injuries while onsite. It is required by law in Florida that all employers buy workers compensation for their employees. With a workers compensation policy, you may be given the compensation for occupationally acquired injuries, whether or not it is your fault. The coverage protects the employers and the employees as well.

If you own a company, you have to know more about workers compensation in Florida, especially if the workplace is prone to accidents. With this insurance coverage, you can protect yourself from injury lawsuits that your employees could file against you. The Division of Workers’ Compensation under the Department of Financial Services regulates this coverage and makes sure employees receive the right benefits, including medical expenses.

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Whether you are a business owner or you are an employee, you want to make sure your policies are well-suited for your situation. Call us now and let our agency help you locate competitive pricing on workers compensation while offering you the guidance that only experts can provide.